Bikes and accessories 

On this site, you can see the bikes and the accessories, that can be rented on our trips.

You order the bike and the accessories when booking your trip. We will make sure to deliver everything to you on the first day, unless otherwise agreed.


All bikes come with a waterproof saddle bag, a map holder, a bike computer, a bell, a bottle holder, LED-lights and a lock. Always remember to lock your bike!

For every booked room there is a repair kit, extra tubes and a pump.

Biking at Funen

When biking on Funen, the bikes and equipment are different from the ones shown at this page. See the tour description here for further details.

Morrison trekking bike T4.0 Womans

Hybrid touring bike women

Without foot brake. Models may vary.


Morrison trekking bike T4.0 Mens

Hybrid touring bike men

Without foot brake. Models may vary.



Children’s bike

Without foot brake. Models may vary.



Child’s seat

Models may vary.



Children’s tag-along

Models may vary.



Children’s burley

For 1 or 2 kids. Models may vary.




Its a standard lady bike with 7 internal gears, 8-fun hub-motor in the front wheel and battery in the luggage carrier. It has 5 levels of power assist and a maximum speed of 25 km/t.
Approximated distance on a full charge 45-70 km, depending on level of power-assist and weather. Only on request. Models may vary.



Saddle bag

Included in the price. Models may vary.




Models may vary.